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Three Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Kitchen Oven at Its Prime.

Three Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Kitchen Oven at Its Prime.

A commercial MKN oven needs to be maintained so the food you produce will be great at all times. You don’t want your commercial oven damaged because the reparation fee is way more expensive compared to the standard oven. Here are three easy steps to keep your commercial oven in check.

Check the doors frequently

The seal of your MKN oven door should be clean at all time. The damage on the seal will greatly affect the time needed when cooking food. Make sure that you always clean the seal after you use the oven. Remove any crack and liquid around the seal using a soft cloth and cleaning liquid if necessary.  Also, you shouldn’t be careless by shutting the door hard which can damage the seal if done for a long time.

Regularly clear the interior of the oven

A clean MKN oven will satisfy you and the people who eat the food cooked on your MKN oven. When the oven is used in a cooking process, food crumbs and liquids will fall into the bottom of the oven. Once the oven is cool, you can use cleaning liquid to clean the interior of your commercial oven. But, you should a cleaning liquid that is safe and won’t damage the metal or anything inside your MKN oven.

Pay attention to the accuracy of your thermostat

Although it seems minor and unnecessary, a thermostat problem affects greatly towards the food you cook. The slight difference in temperature can cause several recipes to fail or taste bad. To avoid this, you can’t detect a thermostat problem instantly. If you happen to see that the food you cook has a slightly lower quality with the same setting, you should immediately calibrate the thermostat. Calibrating the thermostat can be done by yourself or you can call a commercial kitchen oven repairman to fix the problem.

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